Nick Taylor, MMB, MBA

Nick Taylor, MMB, MBA
Ph.D. Student 

Department of Plant & Microbial Biology
4510C Thomas Hall, Raleigh, NC 27695

Lab Phone: 919.515.3882

Nick joined the Kleiner lab as a PhD student in Spring of 2018. His projects focus on the investigation of the roles of bacteriophages in natural and artificial ecosystems and the bioprocessing and purification of high-titer bacteriophage.

Nick earned a Master’s of Microbial Biotechnology and an MBA in Technology Commercialization & Entrepreneurship at North Carolina State University. He is a co-founder of Locus Biosciences, a biotechnology company commercializing novel CRISPR-Cas antimicrobials. Previously, Nick served as a science educator in Raleigh, NC, worked for several RTP-based biotech startups, and performed technology evaluation for the North Carolina Biotechnology Center’s Business and Technology Development group.